Usage, Preparation, Application and Dosage of ROA Natura Microbial Fertilizer

ROA Natura is available in all types of agricultural production such as undercover growing, open-field farming, seedling, orchard and vineyards, industrial plants, ornamental plants, golf&turf, by applying to leaves and roots.

Preperation for application of ROA Natura

  • Spraying tank, lines, hoses, spray guns (2 pcs required) and nozzles must be cleaned very well against chemical residues before start preperation of ROA Natura.
    30 ml of ROA Natura is mixed with 200 l. of water.

  • Agitation is turned on to prepare a homogenous mixture. Hold the first spray gun, into the tank for the best mixing.

  • Keep agitating for 10 to 15 minutes. (The quantity of useful microorganism in ROA Natura will increase approximately 7 times in 15 minutes.)

  • ROA Natura is ready to apply. (Keep agitating and use 2nd spray gun for spraying. )