The effects of ROA Natura Microbial Fertilizer on plant growth

It is known that, the beneficial microorganism Arthrobacter ROA 9223 has very significant impacts on plant growth. ROA Natura (Arthrobacter ROA 9223);

  • Makes biological nitrogen fixation due to proteolitic enzymes secretion. In this way, it detects the atmospheric nitrogen and it allows to reduce nitrogen to ammonia, changing the form of amino-N.
  • Enables the transformation of nutrients contained in the soil. Therefore plants can benefit from nutrients in the soil.
  • interacts with various organic oils and extracts contained in the product (such as sesame oil, oregano oil and sugar beet molasses), indole acetic acid (which is a beneficial component for plants), some natural hormones (such as gibberellin, auxin, cytokinin) are being formed. Therefore it enlarges leaf surfaces and also increases rooting in plants. Plant can do more photosynthesis and gives more efficient and high quality crops.
  • Reduces the values of ions of useful elements in soil and , converts to acceptable values for plant. Thus, soil sources which are insoluble in natural conditions, become soluble.
  • Strengthens the plant's natural immune mechanisms, because of the natural antibiotics and other enzymes (such as chitinase) produced by Arthrobacter bacteria. It is dominant against pathogenic disease factors and it increases plant's resistance against them.
  • Also increases plant's resistance against adverse environmental conditions and stress factors.allows decomposition of residues that cause pollution in soil (such as aromatic hydrocarbons and chlorinated organic compounds), neutralizes heavy metal ions and prevents their absorption by plants, decays toxic compounds such as pesticides and minimizes the negative effects of them. It protects the environment.
  • Thus it provides a significant contribution to the healthy growth of the plants, hardens the tissues of the crop, enhances flavor, extends the shelf life, reduces crop losses.

However ROA Natura,

Has no negative (toxicological and / or ecotoxicological) effect on humans, animals and plants.also has no toxicological effect on the other beneficial soil microorganisms.