Application and Dosage of ROA Natura


  • ROA Natura is not mixed with any substances, pesticides or any kind of fertilizers other than water.
  • ROA Natura is not applied with preparations containing copper or sulfur.
  • If fungicide, insecticide, miticide or nematicide is applied, ROA Natura can be use 15 days later.
  • Spraying tank, lines, hoses and nozzles must be cleaned very well against chemical residues before start preperation of ROA Natura.
  • Expiration date of ROA Natura is 3 years from the date of production.Keep ROA Natura at room temperature and on a place without sunlight.
Tablo 2 engTable 2 eng

IMPORTANT: In applications during the solarization, rate of ROA Natura mixed with water depends on the activity of harmful microorganisms in soil. Please re-calculate the mixture ratio taking into consideration the above table in different scales.