Meet ROA

  • ROA is a %100 organic preparation that contains ROA9223 (which is a spesific member of Arthrobacter family) beneficial bacteria.
  • ROA can be used in agricultural and livestock production, urban life activities against harmful insects and sanitizing the water.
  • It has no toxic effects over human being, hematothermal animals, bees, useful insects and useful microorganisms in soil.

ROA Biyoteknoloji
Culture of ROA9223 bacteria.


ROA contains various organic materials such as herbal oils and extracts in addition to ROA9223 bacteria. As a result of interaction of those organic materials and this bacteria, indole acetic acid which is a component useful for plant, some useful antibiotics and chitinase are being formed. Chitinase is an enzyme that is effective against insects, subsoil organisms, bacteria and fungus.

ROA, with its unique 30 ml commercial product size can be concentrated with a high amount of water and assures best result. Thanks to its small size low transportation and distribution costs can easily be achiveable.

ROA Biyoteknoloji

Effect of ROA over plants

  • Bacteria called ROA can be applied both from the leaves by spraying or root and is being colonized in this area. Chitinase secretion of ROA bacteria, supports the immune system of the plant and protects plant against the negative effects of the insecticides and fungus

  • With the effect of indole acetic acid formed, leafing, surface of leaves and root growing performance increase. Thus, plant can be fed better resulting with high yield.

  • When it is applied to soil, all micro elements can be taken by the roots of plant easily. Hence, early growing and harvesting can be obtained.
  • Chitinase damages the chitin which forms the cuticle of crustaceans and insects.
  • Plant's resistance against stress, negative enviromental conditions and cold weather increase.

    (Please see usage section for more information.)

  • Kitinaz...

    Chitin which forms the cuticle of crustaceans and insects. In addition, cell wall of the fungus includes chitin.

    ROA Biyoteknoloji

    Chitinase which is secreted by ROA9223 bacteria destroys the chitin material found in cuticle of insecticides and cell wall of fungus. And, this is an all organic process including no chemical materials.

    Indole acetic acid...

    Thickens the cell wall of plants. Indole acetic acid found in ROA increases the surface and condenses the color of leaves. In addition, grows the root of plant and increases the absorbing performance of the plant.

    ROA Biyoteknoloji