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Broccoli (Set 1)

Location: Yukarikocayatak - Antalya

Date: 16 April 2011 - 5 May 2011

Only ROA has applied during production. No other chemical was applied. (Total 13 pictures)

April 16: images of plants after 2nd root application.


ROA Biyoteknoloji BrokoliROA Biyoteknoloji Brokoli

April 22: growth of plants..

ROA Biyoteknoloji Brokoli 1ROA Biyoteknoloji Brokoli 2 ROA Biyoteknoloji Brokoli 3

April 28: ROA distinction..

ROA Biyoteknoloji Brokoli 4ROA Biyoteknoloji Brokoli 5 ROA Biyoteknoloji Brokoli 6

May 5: latest status of plants..

ROA Biyoteknoloji 9 Brokoli Set1 9ROA Biyoteknoloji 9 Brokoli Set1 10 ROA Biyoteknoloji 9 Brokoli Set1 11

ROA Biyoteknoloji 9 Brokoli Set1 12

ROA Biyoteknoloji 9 Brokoli Set1 13brokoli1brokoli2