Efficiency of ROA Against Fungal Pathogens

You will see the analysis reports of ROA preparation which contains Arthrobacter sp. ROA9223, regarding the tests of various fungal pathogens. Tests were performed by Fitogen Plant Laboratory.

Bottom-left figure is free growing form and the bottom-right one is ROA-applicated form of pathogen on each page. You may see that, ROA has blocked fungal pathogens with high efficiency.

ROA's effect ratios are on the table below. Please consider that, these levels of ratios can't be achieved by any chemical fungicide.

Fungal Pathogens

ROA's Effect Ratio

1 - Phytophthora spp.

100 %

2 - Fusarium Solani

85,7 %

3 - Fusarium oxysporum fsp. radicis lycopersici


4 - Fusarium oxysporum fsp. lycopersici

94,2 %

5 - Deutrophoma spp.

100 %

6 - Botrytis spp.

94,2 %

ROA Biyoteknoloji Bakteri 4ROA Biyoteknoloji Bakteri 3ROA Biyoteknoloji Bakteri 2ROA Biyoteknoloji Bakteri 1ROA Biyoteknoloji Bakteri 6ROA Biyoteknoloji Bakteri 6